A little look at what I have been working on! I am sorry for not posting as much, everyone. This piece is still a WIP and is from a set of five illustrations that I am completing for a client project due at the end of the month. I probably won’t post too much more from the series until it is completely finished. Thanks for sticking around! I also will be posting a new page of Singer’s Cave today so make sure to check that out too.




A shot from a commercial we recently worked on that didn’t make the final cut. Animation by librabear. Clean up and inbetweening by Vida Vega, bjornsblog, samtayloranimation,  and Thomas Eide. Comp by maxtaylordesign.

We had to take this down off tumblr for a while. Turns out it did get used in some edits of the commercial. Head to electrictheatre.tv for the to see the whole thing